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I am hugely grateful to the companies, small and large, who sponsor my fundraising activities. It means so much that businesses are supporting a well under funded cause.

I can offer you a variety of ways to be involved, with something to suit different budgets and businesses. I will acknowledge your support through social media posts on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, as well as giving you a placement on my 'Sponsors' page. You’ll have the chance to promote your business to an influential audience.

Here are just a few of the ways you can make a difference:

  • Support one of our prestigious gala events: Everyone will see your sponsorship both online and off and everyone will know your name! You can sponsor a gift towards our raffles or auctions, offer a service, or even host your own fundraiser! Your support will go a long way in helping me to help others.

  • Donate a voucher? I can advertise your gift via our social pages as well as at the event and your gift will bring new customers through your door. I run many raffles throughout the year as well as auctions so the funds raised will all go towards my £1 million target to open a NEW well needed and underfunded 'Research Centre' in my legacy!

If you want to talk more about the opportunities for your business and how you can help, please contact me

Thank you! Your generosity will help to transform people’s lives.

Did you know that when a business sponsors a charity, they are not only doing a good deed, they are also potentially improving their public and employee perception, opening up new opportunities that better define them.


Sponsorship’s are a two-way street. While we will receive help with funding the costs of our events, your business will gain positive exposure and affordable marketing. 

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