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Lisa Connell is Back &
Putting More Fun into FUNdraising!

In fact, Lisa has never gone away, continually striving to raise awareness to those affected by brain tumours. Why? Because she has one too!

Diagnosed with an inoperable Meningioma in 2006 Lisa has fought and carries on fighting a whole host of debilitating symptoms that present themselves due to the size and the position of the tumour BUT Lisa is not looking for sympathy she is looking for help and support in raising funds for others!

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If you ever meet Lisa, you will be positively overawed by her enthusiasm, her joie de vivre, her passion and drive to help others!

Back in 2010 Lisa had a unique and exciting idea which started to take shape and in fact generated celebrity and media interest, however she also had to take the decision to endure an intensive brain operation plus further radiotherapy, so she made a difficult choice to put everything on hold.

Fast forward to January 2022, a tumour that has remained stable, a precious daughter she thought she would never have, plus thanks to the advancement of social media and digital technology an opportunity to make that exciting initiative a reality (keep following Lisa on her socials for the official announcement).

Ultimately Lisa wants to raise £1m for Brain Tumour Research so they can open a new brain tumour research centre for important and necessary research.  However, Lisa is passionate about helping children with life threatening illnesses and so it is her aim to also raise additional funds to provide fun days out and experiences for those children.


Email #TeamConnell

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