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Consent for Photography/Filming

Consent Terms & Conditions For Photography/Filming


You permit Officially Lisa Connell Fundraising group on behalf of Brain Tumour Research, or any of its agents, licensees or assignees, to use photographs and/or video recordings in relation to any events past or future, and/or drawings therefrom and any other reproduction thereof, either complete or in part, alone or in conjunction with any wording and/or drawings for the specific purpose of Officially Lisa Connell Fundraising Group and Brain Tumour Research publications, as well as in perpetuity in all media now known and hereinafter devised throughout the World.

You understand that:

  • Images and recordings of me will be held in accordance with the Charity’s data protection and privacy policies

  • If you are sharing photos and/or video recordings with Brain Tumour Research then the charity and the fundraising group can use them freely as above

  • If a Brain Tumour Research representative takes the photos and/or video recordings then they will be the copyright of Brain Tumour Research

  • You can request Brain Tumour Research or the Fundraising Group to stop using images of you at any time, in which case they will not be used in future publications and/or used on the website, but that these images may continue to appear in print and digital publications already in circulation/the public domain. To request this please email


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