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Lisa Connell has been self taught when it comes to website designs, logos and business social profiles throughout the years of raising awareness of brain tumours having been handed one herself. She has a great eye for detail as well as design both online and off.

Lisa works independently from home in the small village of Northaw in Hertfordshire. She lives with her partner Dean, her two step children, Madison and Jamie and her 4 year old miracle daughter ‘Ruby Margaret Christine Forster’ oh and yes... the pets... Charlie and Bella (Choc Lab and Yorkie, Alfie her very old Tabby cat and Cup Cake, Cookie and Olivia, the families newly acquainted chicks.

During Lockdown

Having been approached by her friends whom already had or were setting up business. She was asked for help with their logos, adverts and website design. She was told every time that she should make a career out of it. Lisa volunteered her services and never charged.

Today, Lisa is taking it that little bit further by offering her services (paid) worldwide.

So if you’re looking for new a image, logo, business profile set up on social media or through website design. Get in contact! Her prices are a lot less then the average professional and you won’t be disappointed.

You can even get 100% copywrite protection for the design Lisa makes for a small extra fee.

More services available.


Please let her know what you are looking for and she will let you know if this is something that is also offered through Lush Designs.

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