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of Lisa Connell

"I'm Only Human"

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I moved back with my Mum at the age of 3 where I lived until the age of 13. I moved to Bath when I was 13 then back to Hampstead in 1997. I then moved to Barnet for the best part of 15 years and now in in a village just outside of Potters Bar in Hertfordshire. I'd also spent nine months over in Thailand in 2005 which was supposed to be a permanent move but ended up being cut short due to my diagnosis.

I was born on 11th April 1979 at the UCH Hospital in London. My mother (Greek-Cypriot) and my father, whose parents were Irish, separated whilst I was still a baby. I was brought up in Camden Town until the age of three by my father who juggled a life of work and college to look after me whilst living with my grandparents in a three-bedroom flat in Camden.

lisa connell living with dad and grandparents as a baby.jpg
Lisa Connell when she was first born

Both my father and mother (John & Angela) moved on in their relationships. John met Zoe and Angela met Ricky who has been my second dad from the start. They had two children of their own and mum has now remarried. My dad and Zoe also had two children of their own and still remain happily married and live in Leigh-on-Sea.

I went to Rhyl Street Primary School and Camden School for Girls for the first year.

My upbringing was like any normal child from a separated mother and father would have experienced. There was nothing out of the ordinary, in fact probably better than most.

Lisa Connell Growing Up

At the age of 10 I was to experience something that would change my life forever. Without going into too much detail I stayed at a friend’s house for a sleepover and on this night I was abused by my friend’s father; Bobby Lee. I feel I need to name and shame him as this is the way forward!

Bobby Lee lived in Queen's Crescent, Chalk Farm which was just around the corner from where I lived with my Mum and so often bumped into him. Scared and speechless my mother tried to guard me from him and always made sure that the people around knew who he was. I remember on one encounter a market stall holder was throwing cabbages at him.

lisa connell before the molestation.jpg

I was dragged through court after court until the age of 13, bringing this man to justice but justice was never met. Bobby, then known to be involved with the triads was let off with a fine of £200 and a six-month suspended sentence.

At the time my Dad had a house in Bath; which he had bought as an investment and a pension. We used to go there at weekends to decorate it; however, this is when I started to turn nasty.

Teenage Angst

Mum and I would fight all the time. She used to try and restrain me and on occasions would slap me round the face to try and control me. I would be punching her, kicking her and pulling her hair out; I was uncontrollable. On several occasions I ran away to my Dad’s and of course being a 13 year old with an attitude the lies all came out, I used to tell my Dad that Mum was beating me up. The police came and in the end took me away from her. One of my Dad’s friends was called and picked me up. I was not allowed to see either of my parents until the whole thing was investigated. I lived with Bridget in Muswell Hill for about two weeks still pursuing the fact that Mum was beating me. In the end Mum gave up on fighting for me and said that I could go and live with my Dad. That’s when we moved to Bath.

Dad put me in a school in Bath and at first everything seemed to calm down. It was a mixed school so of course I was into the boys. Dad lived with Zoe and had done since I was a child, it was when Dad was offered a job to work on the Isle of Wight that things started going terribly wrong. He would work away during the week and come home at weekends. Looking back on events now, Dad and Zoe both did a really great job of bringing me up, they always helped me with my homework, took me out, allowed me to stay with friends and I always had the latest things even though they were second hand.

I liked to ride my bike, I did a lot of that on my own along the River Avon, and I met a few people that way too. I had piano lessons, horse riding, trampoline classes and went swimming once a week so to be honest my time with them was really very good. It was when Dad went away to work that I started to rebel. I remember one night sitting in the living room doing my homework with my Dad and Zoe and I had a massive tantrum throwing books all over the place, one of which hit Zoe in the face. This all stemmed from not being able to understand a mathematical question and although Zoe was trying to explain I just would not listen.

Lisa Connell's Mum Angela
lisa connell with cousin luke and brother andrew.jpg

Looking back now I now realise why I was like that and it was all to do with people taking control. Zoe was taking control of a situation by explaining something to me, where I wasn't listening and winding myself up I lost control of myself.

So that was how it started again with the tantrums and physical behaviour  I ended up taking a huge overdose and was in hospital for a few weeks. They made me see a counsellor and even with her I couldn’t control myself. It did help slightly but I soon stopped attending my sessions. I turned 15 and was too busy going out and getting drunk in the back fields with my friends and messing around with my then boyfriend Pete.

Zoe became pregnant and for me that was it. My life at the time felt like it was over. My Dad was not around all the time and all of a sudden there was a baby on the scene grabbing all the attention. I didn't handle it very well at all.

Leaving Home

I was still in school at the time just about to do my GCSE’s, I went to see my social worker and he put me in a bed-sit at the other end of town. I obtained government grants to help me out and when I left school I got a job with one day a week at college. There, I managed to get my NVQ Level 2 in Business Studies.

By this time I had moved from the bed-sit into a B&B. The B&B was ok because the people who ran it were parents of some guy I knew from school. My Mum would come and stay every so often and Dad would always visit. I was in the B&B for about three months and then I was offered a flat. It was a really nice flat but not decorated too well; although it probably was for the time. I went from job to job not finding anything that I could really get my teeth into. I ended up jobless and signing on at the age of 16 so all this was in a space of a year.

I was going out all the time, I had no money and was doing a bar job cash-in-hand in the evenings.

I used to go to a Jungle club in Roxbury’s, the night club in the centre of town, on a Wednesday night every week for about a year.

At the age of 17 I left Bath and moved back to London. I moved within a couple of days, one minute I was there the next I was gone. I had again gone through another ordeal: I was raped, not by one but by two people.

lisa connell with her step dad Ricky.jpg

I packed up a huge bag and left the next day for London. I went straight to my Mum’s in Hampstead where she was living at the time. I was in a state, Mum couldn’t understand it. I told her that I was moving back and that I never wanted to go back to the flat ever again. The next day I went to Oxford Street and walked around all the shops looking for a job. I got offered one straight away working in Oasis in Regent Street; the job was set to start on the Monday.

It was Saturday and the following day Mum and Ricky (my step Dad) came with me to Bath to collect the rest of my personal belongings. I had to leave everything else there, the washing machine, bed , etc. I handed the keys in and that was the last I saw of that flat.

Six months later I was slowly getting back into the swing of things. The job was going well and I had made new friends, life seemed to be improving, but it wasn’t.

Surreal Existence

I had developed this new skill: it was to bottle everything up to the point of breaking. Before I used to let it out in aggression, this time I was taking overdoses and having black-outs without even knowing. Before I knew it I was back in hospital. Mum had admitted me after she found me passing out after having taken a whole packet of paracetamol. I was admitted to the Nicole Ward at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead. I’m not sure how long I was there because that whole phase of my life was a black-out. All I remember is being in a bed next to really mentally ill people who would swing from side to side and they would scream out in the middle of the night. The doctors put me on Prozac, the anti-depressant drug along with some really strong injections which were to stop me from harming myself. As soon as the Prozac started working I was out. I had, had a nervous breakdown and I was only 17.

My life had become very surreal and it didn't stop there. I went to visit my Mum in London for the weekend with a friend. We were travelling on the top deck of a bus one evening and a drunk man, in his 40s, suddenly lunged at me. He was on top of me, holding me down and trying to hit me. My friend Sarah was screaming "somebody help, somebody help" most of the people on the bus just looked on but one guy came to my rescue and pulled him off. The driver stopped the bus and asked if I was ok. We fled from the bus and got the next one home. The police were called and the guy was later caught in a pizza restaurant causing a disturbance. This went to court as well. I remember the judge passing me a letter that the drunk had written to me in court; it said something about how he was not in a good state of mind at the time and for some reason he thought I was out to get him.

So that is how life began for me, I went through hell. I believe that is why I am the person I am today but the highs and lows did not stop there.

Since moving back to London I have settled, I am now my own person. I have overcome the lies and the torment that I put both my friends and family through and I have made a success out of my life.

I worked in property management for 7-8 years, moving up the ladder each time I changed jobs. I was very successful in what I did. I ran teams of 25 people and instigated projects that would make companies millions.


I left my job in June 2005 having just got myself out of debt, I decided it was time for me to travel and experience things I could only dream of. I left and moved to Thailand, where I lived for nine months and I can easily say that the time I spent there was the best time of my life.

Initially, I left for Thailand to go into a job in Real Estate. A basic salary was offered to me of £500 pcm, which if anyone has been to Thailand back then was a huge amount to get with commision on top. But oh no! I didnt start there... I had found a local art gallery that agreed to send out painting on my behalf and charge me £25 a piece. I ended up selling artwork online through eBay and worked from my laptop on a beech, cocktails in hand for the duration, earing what I would have made in a month, in a week!

So if I was to say I only had two sober nights out in the whole duration of my stay, I'm not exaggerating. I lived the party life.

Whilst I was out there, I met a guy from England named Dean. And as you do when your in holiday mode, we moved in together straight away.

It wasn't until I had a phone call from my best friend Rickie (in Camden) telling me that her dad had just died of cancer that half an hour later Dean too had a call from one of his best friends to say his uncle had just died of cancer too. It was then, that we then realised we had the same friends in common and we knew that both of us had to fly back for the funeral.

Dean's dad was at that time over visiting us in Thailand. He had stayed whilst we flew back. This is when everything started.


Whilst we were back in London for my friends dads funeral. I hadn't felt right. I was at Dean's aunties house one day and insisted I did a pregnancy test. I just had that feeling.  I was right. I was pregnant.

Not only had I just found out I was pregnant, but around the same time, Dean received a call from a hospital in Thailand to say that they had his dad who had just passed away from a heart attack. Instead of moving back, Dean and I then decided to stay back in England.

Bad to Worse

Things from that point just went from bad to worse. To me, I thought this was just normal. Normal pregnancy hormones causing chaos. But it was far from normal. 

I first started experiencing problems with my vision. I then went onto stumbling all over the place and not being able to co-ordinate properly. My mood changed. The pregnancy itself just wasn't fun. Not in the slightest.

I had been carrying for four months when I miscarried.

Our relationship didn't last and I moved back to London from Brentwood where we were living at the time.


As I'd said, I'd started experiencing problems with my vision. I had been to an opticians and was prescribed some glasses.

It wasn't until I had collected my dads car from Leigh-on-Sea and was driving back that I realised something was seriously wrong with me.

All of a sudden, whilst edging myself over to the fast lane it felt like everyone driving in the slow lane was crossing me. It was like I was playing one of those driving games with cars coming at me from all angles.

I then worked out, that if I shut one eye I could see normally. Well as normal as expected.

By the time I had got home and off the motorway I was in hysterics. I had hit a bollard and scraped up the side of my dads car but I had got home in one piece.

Straight away, I called my dad and told him what had happened.

Time for a Second Opinion

Dad told me to go straight up to Barnet and to get a second opinion because the glasses I was prescribed clearly weren't working. I had already been back to this particular opticians twice adapting my prescription over and over. I wasn't going back to them...

I managed to get an appointment straight away! I was seen by Chris Violaris the owner of Specs Direct Opticians in High Barnet. After an array of tests Chris found something unusual behind my left eye. Straight away, he sent me over to Moorfields Eye Hospital by taxi. I had no idea what I was going there for and I had no one to come with me at the time. 

I underwent several eye tests there and then. I was told that I had developed a squint in my left eye and that they would do an MRI test to rule anything out but if everything okay on the results, I would just need to wait a year until it stopped worsening and that surgery would then be able to correct it. At this point my right eye was looking at you and my left eye was looking for you.

A squint detected my brain tumour.jpg

During the 6 weeks wait for the MRI results, I went back to Chris to thank him for referring me onto Moorefields. He then came up with a great idea to help me with my double vision and that was to make a contact lens which was completely backed out so that it covered up the left eye which then allowed me to see singularly out of my right!

By the time the 6 weeks was up, my health had deteriorated by the day. I was slowly losing my hearing, falling all over the place and literally looked like a drugged up drunk woman in the street. I even had people passing by commenting saying "Look at her! State of it". My head was all over the place.

MRI Results Day

So it was results day. Finally! We are probably looking at 6 months after my miscarriage. My memory isn't great these days. I didn't go with anyone as I was only going for a routine check as far as I was concerned.

I'll never forget sitting there waiting, the appointments were all running late. I finally got called "Miss Connell" as I walked over to the cubical I was welcomed in by Dr Plant. We sat there for a while whilst he went through all my notes and gave me an eye observation. He then went on to repeat what they had said before that I would probably need to wait around a year to ensure the movement behind my eye was stable but then at that point they would be able to operate on my squint. I was so thankful! All I was worried about at this moment in time was making my eye go back to normal, straight.

That's when I asked the question, "so everything aside from that was clear in the MRI results"? Well anyone in their right mind would ask that right? The Dr didn't even know I had waited 6 weeks for MRI results they weren't even passed to him to check. I don't blame him though. The NHS are snowed under. I'm just saddened because had they have already seen the results they would have called me to take someone in with me.

He went away and  I was left in the cubical waiting to be seen again for an hour and a half. If felt like a life time. Again, not thinking it was going to be the outcome that it was but more worried about my eye cosmetically.

Dr Plant came back and with him, an entourage of students too. There must have been around 10-12 of them and he didn't waste any time in telling me. I remember sitting there thinking wow this is some audience.

"Miss Connell" he said. "I'm afraid I don't have good news. Your MRI results have detected you have a brain tumour". I sat there and froze. It's only because I've been over and over my story that I can now relate and write things down. After this point, the rest was a blur.

The doctor had suggested that I come back for another appointment in a few weeks with my parents to go over what he had just told me. All I know is that I left and went straight to the toilet, burst out hysterically crying and called my dad whilst he was at work. I can't even imagine what he must have been thinking at the time or how emotional he felt. All I know is that it was with his help that we got opinion after opinion from different surgeons even around the world who all said the same thing. It was inoperable and yes it was benign, although I've since realised that benign only means that it will not spread to other parts of the body. It can still kill you. 

I'd been left with a prognosis of having a benign but inoperable brain tumour. Every time I saw them I'd ask "how long do I have left" they could never answer. Instead they went on to say "it could be months, it could be years, we just don't know the answer".

Gamma Knife Treatment

In am seen by Rupert Obholzer a Skull Base Consultant in the ENT department at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital . I went through one lot of radiotherapy at The Gamma Knife Centre in London sometime back in 2008 I think... don't quote me on it my memory is bad (I have an excuse) and my dad's just getting old! 

After years of being told that the Gamma Knife treatment had worked I was only to find out that they were referring each MRI scan which I then had every year, to the previous year, seeing no changes, until after 5 years they then referred to the original MRI scan I'd had, just before the Gamma Knife treatment and it was apparent my brain tumour, or as I now like to call it 'Octopus' had in fact been growing.

The problem with my brain tumour, is that it's not just inoperable and it's not just a mass lump sitting on the outer parts of my brain it's sitting within the middle of my brain and resting on my brainstem. It also has tentacle like features that have spread to other parts of my brain. These include within my left ear canal and behind my left eye. One of the reasons why I now struggle with my balance.

This now explains why, when I was a child, I had problems after problems with my left ear. I always had trouble equalising on airplanes with the pressure, going in and out of water and hearing just deteriorated. I was prescribed antibiotics every time and sent away with an ear infection. Had they have done a thorough examination back them with an MRI they would have seen that it wasn't an ear infection, it was the tumour growing within my ear.

Debulking Surgery Followed by Tomotherapy Radiotherapy

In 2012 I underwent debulking surgery performed by my skull based consultant, Mr Rupert Obholzer and Nick Thomas a Neurosurgeon at King's College Hospital in London. This was to allow for a further lot of radiotherapy for  the year after. Less than 5% of my tumour was removed at this time, due its location and size it would have been even more detrimental to my health.

Tomotherapy St Thomas Hospital - London.jpg

Whilst I was recovering from surgery I underwent a further two surgeries as I kept getting infections around my scaring tissue.

I was sent home after 8 weeks with a PIC Line and a nurse would come out four times a day to induce my antibiotics.

The following year in 2013, I underwent further radiotherapy recommended by my clinical oncologist Mr Ronald Beaney at Guys & St Thomas' Hospital. I was given an intense does of 'Tomotherapy' over the duration on 6 weeks. I was having to travel to and from Barnet to Westminster every day on public transport with the help of friends and family.

Honestly, during the beginning I didn't feel many side effects and it wasn't painful to endure, just felt like you were suffocating (bit like an MRI scanner) loud and uncomfortable. The worst of it was losing my taste buds and having a mental taste empowering everything.

By the end I was exhausted. I think to be honest it  was probably the traveling that had done it for me. Since my diagnosis I have really suffered with fatigue. Good one day bad the next. So I was kind of used to it.

Miracles Do Happen

By the end I was exhausted. I think to be honest it was probably the traveling that made it worse for me. Since my diagnosis I have really suffered with fatigue anyway. Good one day bad the next. So I was kind of used to it.

From 2013 - 2014 I pretty much remained single, few flings here and there. Nothing serious. Lot's of dating apps a few dating shows, but never met my match.

Then in 2014 I was introduced to Dean Forster, on a blind date. That date, then turned into an engagements 6 months later.

One evening, I called Dean whilst he was on his way back from work and asked him to get me a pregnancy test. He thought I was crazy even thinking it because a) I'd had so much radiotherapy I probably didn't have enough eggs left to be fertilized, b) I was on the copper coil contraception (the one does not release any progesterone) and c) I'd not long booked in privately to be sterilised. I'd always been told having a child could and probably would kill me. We had worked out that during my first pregnancy with Dean (the first Dean, yes I know it gets confusing) that the increase in my progesterone levels increased my type of tumour which is known as a 'meningioma'.

Anyway, that night, I did the test, and I was pregnant! I remember screaming at the top of my lungs and crying at the same time whilst laughing in between. Dean shot upstairs in disbelief. He always reassured me that whatever I had decided he would stick by me all the way.

Lisa Connell During Pregnancy - Photo Credit AnneliePop.jpg

That very night we had booked tickets at the The Bull Theatre in Barnet. We were all going to see a medium, Tracy Hicks. Myself, Dean, his boss and his bosses partner. No one had a clue what was going on and we wasn't about to tell them.

tracy higgs medium predicts lisa connell she would be fine in her pregnancy.jpg

We watched the show and at the end gathered at the bar and had drinks. Greg, the owner of GI Salons in Barnet (Dean's boss) had met Tracey Hicks on many occasions previously for readings. So Tracey went on to introduce herself to us whilst getting round to me, pointed at my belly and said "Congratulations by the way! You're going to be fine" she said. You should have seen the look on everyone's faces! Complete disbelief. They all knew my circumstances and that it just couldn't have even been possible. After what Tracey had said, I knew no one was going to stop me having this babe. I have always been a firm believe that things always happen for a reason we just don't always know what that reason is until it slaps you in the face, and then you will!

So I carried on with the pregnancy. I was advised by my oncologist on each and every visit throughout my pregnancy, that it was their obligation to ask me to consider aborting my unborn child. In their eyes it was too much of a risk for me and they really didn't have any answers. We knew at this stage that my tumour growth was triggered previously by the increase of progesterone hormones released in by body the first time round.

Yes, I was taking a BIG risk. I didn't know how far I could get or even if I would survive the pregnancy. At this point we had no idea as to wether or not my brain tumour was under control.

I wouldn't say I enjoyed my pregnancy. Far from it. But I was in love with my bump and there was nothing going to stop me from trying. Afterall, the way I saw it was, I'd been battling with my illness for years. I didn't think it would even be possible to have children of my own. Then this miracle came along. Life is too short and what more did I have to lose?

At 34 weeks, I was admitted to hospital. I had been scanned half way through my pregnancy with no show of any growth but I had got something called 'Pelvic Inflammatory Disease' which caused so much pain my head pressure went through the roof. Of course everyone assumed (including myself) it could have been the tumour growing. 

On a routine ultrasound scan whilst I was admitted to Barnet General, it was detected that my baby had a what is known as a 'Missing Corpus Callosum' I won't bore you with the details but the condition was bad enough that I was offered again, a termination as legally this was classed as the unborn baby having a 50% chance of having a severe learning difficulties along with everything else.

Of course, I again, refused. I had not opted in to have a screening test during the earlier stages of my pregnancy because no matter how my baby turned out she was mine. I was not giving up on her, not without a fight.

A miracle baby was born

The very next day, March 18 2016, I was rushed into having an emergency C section. The pain had become unbearable and a miracle baby was born. Ruby Margaret Christine Forster weighing just 4.6 pounds. 

The very next day, March 18 2016, I was rushed into having an emergency C section. The pain had become unbearable and a miracle baby was born. Ruby Margaret Christine Forster weighing just 4lbs 6oz.

Ruby remained in NICU for a further 10 days and then we were discharged. 

For the following two years thereafter we were making regular visits to the UCLH hospital where she was under paediatric observation.

Aside from minor learning difficulties, Ruby is perfect. I couldn't have wished for anything else.

Relationship Breakdown

Dean and I had been together for 7 years and this wasn't something that happened overnight.

In December 2021, both Dean and I decided to go our separate ways. We are still currently living together temorarily until his flat becomes vacant at the end of March 2022.

We don't argue and very rarely did. We just realised that we are both on two seperate paths. Dean's your chill out kind of guy whereas I'm full steam ahead. Ruby was our main concern.

We sleep in separate rooms and Ruby is aware that her dad is moving out soon. Clearly she will miss him being at home but she has already succumbed to the idea and we are doing things this way to make things as easy as we possibly can.

Personally, we can see each other remaining in each others futures. Not just for Ruby's sake but because we are really good friends at the end of the day and we are both kind, loving people. 


In January 2019, Ruby and I were involved in a car accident. I'm not able to talk much about this at this present time due to legalities but what I can say is that where the car hit me in my head, my Hemifacial Spasms which I used do get once every two weeks or so, increased to up to 12 spasms a day especially on a cold day.

My anxieties hit the roof! I couldnt and wouldnt go out anywhere because I was worried about what others would think of me, plus the spasms have become increasingly painful paralyzing my tongue when it happens in the process.

After a year of psychotherapy treatment over zoom, I was finally able to show my face on camera and in public. Hence why you cant get rid of me now!

Did you know you can Re-train your Brain?

Back in 2009, I had almost given up hope in being able to walk. The symptoms of my tumour were so dibilitating I was literally crawling the walls to get around.

It wasn't until my dad had introduced me to a guy he used to work with whom he found out had the exact type of tumour as myself and was walking around like any normal person, suited and booted, beer in one hand fag in the other!

I was astonished that he too had a meningioma. He was diagnosed 10 years previously and he too had been wheelchair bound.

He advised me to go to a gym and to work on balance and coordination exercises because he had done it all those years ago when they told him he may never walk again.

With that, my dad got me membership at David Lloyd's in Finchley. I'll never forget the day I started.  I remember, literally stumbling up the stairs to the gym and throwing myself on their counter. I'd said I wasn't here because I wanted to be I was here because I had to be.

With that, I was given free personal training sessions 5 hours a day , 5 days a week for 6 weeks. We focused on strength, balance and coordination exercises and in the space of 6 weeks I managed to complete a program they thought would take 6 months to achieve.

A year later, I was participating in The London 10k Run on behalf of Brain Tumour UK. 

Rent A Date For Charity

During the time I had spent stuck between four walls. I kept getting messages through my then, MySpace account from random men saying "cor your fit, fancy a date". So I decided that they could put their money where their mouth was and pay for  a date with me and in turn fund vital treatment into brain tumours.

Before I knew it, my story and initiative had made worldwide coverage and I was setting up a website that did just that. Back then, it was called Rent A Date For Charity.  I initially started with the general public putting themselves up for auction to the highest bidder and the proceeds went to brain tumour charities.

It soon became a lot bigger than this. I then had celebrities such as Cheryl Baker, Sophie Anderton, Dev from Coronation Street, Jasmine Harman from A Place in The SunJoe Swash from Eastenders, Susan Bookbinder amongst a whole host of other celebrities offering themselves up for auction to the highest bidder with proceeds going to brain tumour related causes.

My venture didn't last as long as I had hoped. Unfortunately, back then, there wasn't social media or a huge team behind me. I was having to do everything manually and become ill again in the process. So what was once my baby, was no more, until now...

In 2021, I signed up with Brain Tumour Research with a goal of raising £1 million for their cause in a bid to open up a new research centre in HOPE to be able to find a cure. We WILL be doing just that.

Not only am I now involved with the fundraising for the Officially Lisa Connell Fundraising Group I am also in the process of relaunching 'Project Go Go'.

This time round, I have a team behind me! #TeamConnell and I have backing...

Lisa Connell is Putting the Fun back into Fundraising
- Project Go Go

- written by Mandy Smith

In fact, Lisa has never gone away, continually striving to raise awareness to those affected by brain tumours. Why? Because she has one too!

Diagnosed with an inoperable Meningioma in 2006 Lisa has fought and carries on fighting a whole host of debilitating symptoms that present themselves due to the size and the position of the tumour BUT Lisa is not looking for sympathy she is looking for help and support in raising funds for others!

If you ever meet Lisa, you will be positively overawed by her enthusiasm, her joie de vivre, her passion and drive to help others! 

Fast forward to January 2022, a tumour that has remained stable, a precious daughter she thought she would never have, plus thanks to the advancement of social media and digital technology an opportunity to make that exciting initiative a reality (keep following Lisa on her socials for the official announcement).

Ultimately Lisa wants to raise £1m for Brain Tumour Research so they can build a Centre of Excellence for important and necessary research. However, Lisa is passionate about helping children with life threatening illnesses and so it is her aim to also raise additional funds to provide fun days out and experiences for those children whilst helping ALL other charities worldwide in the process.


Honestly, I am just like everybody else out there. I’m not perfect but I don’t claim to be either. I do believe that I am a much better person today than I ever have been. What doesn’t break you can only make you stronger?

I now intend to live my life as fully as possible and I am a strong believer that my life’s path had been set out for me, this was my purpose…. To be diagnosed with a brain tumour and to do what I am doing now in raising both awareness and money for a well needed causes helping others on the way.

I don’t believe in God. I am not sure what I do believe in anymore but I like to think that there are angels, I am quite spiritually minded. I believe there are ghosts and I also believe that someone is watching over me now, my Guardian Angel.

Nothing in my life has ever run smoothly and I had some gruelling months last year but things have slowly progressed and here I am today telling my story which I hope will helps others a long their way.

Did you know, by following, liking, commenting and sharing posts, the more people will see my posts and engage with me.  All I want to do is to tell my story, a real life experience and hope that I may encourage others to have strength no matter what their circumstances are. We are only human.

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