"Life changes very quickly, in a very POSIVITE way, if you let it."

Diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour at the age of just 26, Lisa Connell had always been told she would never be able to walk, talk or or have children of her own.

Having then retrained her brain to allow her to walk again, Lisa took part in a 10k Run for Brain Tumour UK six months later.

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Lisa connell - Making It Happen


For years, Lisa had raised her profile within the public eye to enable her to tell her story in hope that it would help others in similar situations.


"Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change."

Lisa raised awareness of brain tumours through the UK which then spread worldwide. Through an initiative called Rent A Date For CharityShe raised over £50k that went directly to brain tumour charities and families affected by a brain tumour such as the brave little 'Harry Moseley' and young 'Ruby Owen'- RIP...

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Watch Lisa's Live Streaming Videos from January 2020.

This is goal  was set by Lisa's

psychotherapist Virginia Ellis.

 They have both been talking via zoom during the pandemic.

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"In all the years, and through everything I and we as have a family have been through, I have ever opened up to anyone. Not about the way I feel. Not about what's eating me up inside. Not even about living and coping with a brain tumour. I just put on a brave face. Now I'm happy to talk about my past, I'm anxious about showing my face but instead of being anxious about it,Im going to fight iT and do it."

Sexually assaulted at 13 then again at 17. Lisa's life was in turmoil. Ending up in a mental ward at the Royal Free before her 18th birthday having made several suicide attempts.

Life never ran smoothly for Lisa and her family. At the age of 26, Lisa was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour and told she could have months or maybe years to live. At no point should she have attempted to have a baby. Then miraculously, Ruby Margaret Christine Forster was born defining all the odds.

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During lockdown, 2020, Lisa founded her own website and design business. Self taught since 2008. Lisa has always given free services to friends and family or to those that really needed the help. Giving is part of Lisa's nature. Now, with everything that has gone on during lockdown 2020 and her partner being furloughed.  Lisa needs to earn a living doing what she enjoys best but also by still being able to give back to her the community.

Since 2010, Lisa was sponsored by one of the worlds leading beauty experts Nilam Patel. Lisa has since been featured on and offline as she offered FREE Hair & Beauty treatments to other brain tumour sufferers and those in similar circumstances.

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From 2020, Lisa has planned to go back to B Inspired Hair & Beauty with assistance from clients to help fund the free treatments for patients and in turn she is doing something she is great at and what she loves best. Lisa works around her condition. There are some days, weeks or months that still... she struggles with. But with pure determination it can work for her like it can others too. And she might help others too, along her way.

Nilam Patel Sponsor of Lisa Connell at B Inspired Hair & Beauty
Nilam Patel Owner of Dermaspa and Sponso

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